We Are People (WAP) - Speech Criteria

Twenty-Eight Years of Celebrating

“Remember! Celebrate! Act”!

“Renewed Dedication To Humanity”

“I am Man, I am Woman, We are People, Youth Educational Conference & Dr. King Speech Contest”

Subject: “Nobel Acceptance Speech”

Speech Awards: Payable to the student.

Three students will be chosen to deliver six minutes version of Dr. King’s “Nobel Acceptance Speech” given on December 4th 1964.  

The students will be awarded as follows:

1st place:  Award - $300.00,
2nd Place:  Award - $150.00
3RD Place: Award - $75.00

Students must register and attend the “I am Man, I am Woman, We are People, Youth Educational Conference” on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 in order to participate in the speech contest; as well as provide confirmation of acceptance to your planned College/University or Institution to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Colorado Holiday Commission.

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